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Pictures & Videos
Today we had to place a home on a lot that was literally saturated. The landowner was forced to have a contractor build a gravel pad with a tracked machine because the first attempt with a wheeled loader resulted in the loader sinking to the axles. We were able to position the front of the home in alignment with the gravel pad while leaving the remainder of the home along the side of the road. We were then able to pick the home up with the Translift and easily swing it into position while driving the Translift across the saturated ground. It would not have been possible to place this home in these conditions without this machine. Double win for the day. We actually did this for two homes within the same community.
After aligning the front of this home with the lot and carrying the back end into position with the Translift, the truck was 90 degrees to the home and there was not enough room to get the truck straight in front of the home. We were then able to lay large plastic construction mats down and push the home back into position with the Translift. If you have a unique location you would like to position a home, we are always up to the challenge!